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Construction in general is a very dynamic business filled with lots of overwhelming decisions.  Experience is the key to translating this market area into clear and understandable actions.  Here at DELT Builders Inc., we believe we have the knowledge and the delivery method to providing successful projects that not only meet all your demands as a client, but also allow us to be compliant within our industry.  Commercial construction is just one area within this large circle called Construction.  Throughout the years we have completed projects in both the Private and Public Works arenas.


Our Private portfolio includes Office Tenant Improvements, Restaurant Remodels, Retail Remodels in Malls, Stand alone Retail Renovations, and New Medical Office Buildings.


On the Public Works side of commercial construction, we have completed multiple projects for many School Districts, from full building remodels and upgrades to field improvements, to complete Gym renovations and Campus Wide Modernizations. We also have completed multiple projects for higher learning institutions from complete Dormitory remodels to additional parking lots and classroom upgrades.

Our experience also includes Healthcare (OSHPD) work in both Private and Public works arenas, Municipal Water District projects, as well as an abundance of park projects and other City building renovations.

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