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DELT Builders Inc. is a single source contractor for all of your Property Management needs.  We understand the value of being able to make one phone call for all your construction needs, one invoice when the job is done,  and safe and competent personnel on your sites at all times.  Relationships are built through communication and trust, and we value each one.  Please use our contact page and reach out to us, it never hurts to try a new contractor or to keep an existing one honest, at then end of the day, its about who works best for you.  Below is a list, but not limited to, the services we offer:

  • Emergency Construction Services

  • Tenant Build Outs

  • Board-Ups

  • Lot Clearing/Brush Control

  • Junk/Trash Haul Outs

  • Emergency Plumbing or Landscaping repairs

  • Concrete pads and repairs

  • Painting

  • Flooring

  • And of course any items listed under our Handyman page

  • Call us to help out when your in-house personnel get too busy

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